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Coaches Ministry

At the heart of FCA are coaches at every level.  Our goal is to encourage and equip them to  know and serve Christ and coach biblically with a purpose beyond wins and losses.  Greater Miami FCA ministers to coaches through Bible studies, coaches huddles, Legacy Builders, prayer, discipleship, mentoring, Behind the Bench (a ministry to coaches wives), resources, training, outreach events, retreats and conventions.   

So coach, don't journey alone!  Let your local FCA representative come along side and be the support you need  We have developed many resources with you in mind.

FCA Coaches Ministry is the ministry program to coaches through huddles, events, training and resources.

The Coach is one of the most influential individuals in our society.  It has been said that a coach will influence more people in one year than most people will in a lifetime.  FCA seeks to equip and encourage coaches to grow in their faith and become transformational in how they coach their athletes and influence other coaches.


An FCA Coaches Huddle is a small group Bible Study for coaches that coach teams at all levels on campus and in community club/travel sports. A Coaches huddle can consist of a coaching staff or it can be made up of coaches from various teams.

Where:The best answer to this question is “Wherever works best for the coaches involved.” Coaches Huddles meet in a variety of locations including rooms/offices on campus, restaurants/coffee shops, homes, etc. 

When: The best answer to this question is “Whenever works best for the coaches involved.” Many times the Coaches huddles on campus meet in the morning before school starts. Other coaches huddles will meet once a week at a pre-determined time (morning, noon or night) and location in the community chosen by the coaches.

To LEAD a Huddle

A Coaches Huddle can be led by a coach or another adult serving as the bible study leader. Get Started in 3 Steps:

  1. Complete a Ministry Leader Application (MLA).  All adults, coaches or sponsors who lead or provide support need to complete a Ministry Leader Application online.
  2. Complete The Ministry Certification Request.  Complete the request for local staff to certify your coaches ministry 
  3. Contact FCA Staff

To JOIN an existing coaches huddle, contact FCA Staff.

Current coaches huddles are at the following campuses:

  • Coral Reef Senior High School
  • South Dade Senior High School

TRAINING: Our training framework helps coaches to  become more transformational in the lives of their players by learning to coach in all three dimensions (physical, emotional, spiritual) from a faith-based perspective.  --> Learn More

EVENTS: FCA coaches ministry events provide short-term gatherings designed by FCA staff to equip and encourage coaches to grow in Christ. The Greater Miami FCA participates in/offers the following coaches events:

  • Coaches Time Out
  • Coaches Breakfasts, Lunches and/or Dinners

Contact FCA Staff for more information.

RESOURCES: We have a variety of print and digital resources to help coaches grow spiritually and as a coach. --> Learn More

R12 Coaching


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3D Coaching

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The Coach's Mandate

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